Episode 11 – Attacking in Commander

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Attacking in Commander


  1. What’s been going on in your personal life?
    1. Thanks to @MtgKaylesh as he likes this segment
  2. Thanks
    1. Mike Condon for the music and editing
    2. Tiffany for the logo/icon
  3. Main Topic – Attacking
    1. Quote – “Nobody ever defended anything successfully, there is only attack and attack and attack some more.” – George S. Patton
    2. Newer players reluctance to attack
    3. What to consider when attacking?
      1. Boardstate
      2. Consider the crackback
      3. Be mindful of how much Commander damage you have done to each opponent
      4. How are they going to block? A good trick is to put yourself in your opponent’s shoes and consider how you would block given your intended attackers (specifically mention figuring out when your opponent is NOT likely to block ie when you would be happy if they accepted your offer of a trade)
    4. Who should you attack?
      1. Threat assessment
      2. Round table beats (Ryan’s soap box)
      3. Position of who you attack (to the right)
    5. When not to attack
      1. Maybe consider not stepping into a feud between two other players
      2. Evaluate each attack as a “Transaction”, don’t just attack with a 2/2 if your opponent has a 10/10 and you have no other blockers
    6. Finishers, that make attacking easy
      1. Insurrection
      2. Overrun, Pathbreaker Ibex, Craterhoof Behemoth
      3. Cyclonic rift, Cryptic Command, Blustersquall
      4. Master Warcraft
      5. Always Watching
      6. Profane Command, Dirge of Dread
    7. Tips
      1. Announce your intention to go to combat, rather than saying “I attack player A with these 2 creatures and player B with this 1 creature”
      2. Attack with everything if you are going to wipe the board (and you don’t expect it to get countered)
      3. When going for a lethal attack, try to attack with more than seems necessary, due to open mana/tricks
      4. Don’t be held hostage by “Rattlesnake” cards (explain what a rattlesnake card is, ie Seal of Doom)
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  1. Thank heavens someone understands attacking in Commamder! Well done!

    Also thanks for helping keep my “rattlesnake” metaphor alive from my Casual Fridays and Serious Fun days.

    Keep up the good work,

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