Cultivating a Table Image – Ep34

Cultivating a Table Image


  1. Thanks
    1. Mike Condon for the music and editing
    2. Tiffany for the logo/icon
    1. Richard – 00:11:15
      1. Episode 182 of Command Zone
    2. @commandcast – 00:11:15, 00:33:05, 00:41:57
  2. Ep 34 Community Spotlight:
    1. What is your table image?
      1. Define this. – What do players expect from you before the game begins?
      2. Reputations have a huge impact on how commander games go (Shout out to Richard who sent us some information on reputation)
        1. Most people don’t choose a table image
        2. Flashbulb memory.  It doesn’t take a long time to make one
      3. How did you get it?
        1. Can you?
      4. How to change it.
        1. Knowing how people will react ahead of time and possibly building a deck around it.
      5. How to use it.
  3. Main Topic – Cultivating a Table Image
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