War of the Spark on the Horizon – Ep 90

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  1. Thanks
    1. Mike Condon for the music and editing
    2. Tiffany for the logo/icon
  2. Ep 90 Community Spotlight:
    1. @kreugan – 1:48
    2. @MothershipGames – 4:46
    3. @CommanderReplay – 5:12
    4. @blakepr, @MatthewLNass, @KingCash_7191  – 8:56
    5. @BrandSanderson – 33:41
    6. @TheTokenOtaku – 35:01
    7. @Tequila_Nebula – 35:01
    8. @wizards_magic – 48:54
  3. Games at our LGS
    1. Played with PJ and Lin.
      1. PJ’s channel on YouTube is “Commander Replay” – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCrudMyVbtvyVyadYddhousA
    2. Actually won a game with MR. OPC Grenzo.
    3. Was a really fun moment when I thought I was going to win with Yuriko, by flipping Draco off the top of my library, and PJ unequipped Sunforger to get Teferi’s Protection, and Lin also cast Teferi’s Protection. Man that card is good!
  4. Main Topic – Modern Horizons and War of the Spark
    1. Modern Horizons
      1. Explain what Modern Horizons is: A set direct to modern with brand new cards and reprints (that are not currently legal)
        1. Sweet intro video with Cassius Marsh, and Matt Nass
          1. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/388229057
          2. Two cards from that video
            1. Cabal Therapist
              1. http://www.magicspoiler.com/mtg-spoiler/cabal-therapist/
            2. Serra the Benevolent
              1. http://www.magicspoiler.com/mtg-spoiler/serra-the-benevolent/
        2. Modern Horizons is probably going to be PRETTY sweet for Commander players
        3. What are some awesome Reprints that could be included in MH, that we each want to see?
          1. Ryan
            1. Expropriate
            2. Riptide Laboratory
            3. Council’s Judgement
          2. Zack
            1. Thought Vessel
            2. Teferi’s Protection
            3. Cabal Coffers
        4. Would be really cool to see some sweet new legendary creatures in Modern Horizons
    2. War of the Spark
      1. HYPE! This set is SO CRAZY!!!!!
        1. Planeswalkers are one of the coolest card types in the game!
      2. Teaser video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zn_0ZjpjntE
      3. Stained glass article here: https://magic.wizards.com/en/articles/archive/feature/closer-look-stained-glass-planeswalkers-2019-03-08
        1. Link to a reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/magicTCG/comments/ayufiu/all_36_war_planeswalkers_in_one_image_with_names/
        2. Notable PW NOT making an appearance:
      4. So what does all of this mean for EDH?
        1. People have been speculating Planeswalkers will universally be allowed to be commanders.
        2. Depending on how good all the PWs are, we could see a lot of super friends decks showing up, especially in Brawl!
        3. That being said, I think WotC will be trying to get planeswalkers out in color combinations not already represented by commanders in Brawl
      5. What Planeswalkers are we most excited to see?
        1. Ryan
          1. Jaya
          2. Chandra
          3. Sorrin Markov
        2. Zack
          1. Jace.. duh
          2. Saheeli
          3. Davriel Cane (Skeletor)
          4. Bonus: Ugin
      6. A Planeswalker in every pack. What do we think this means?
        1. Probably some common/uncommon PW, at the very least rare
        2. Every Pre-release kit has a FOIL stamped PW AND another foil stamped card
        3. Maybe some PW with no Ultimates, or maybe only minuses or only pluses
    3. Summary – We are beyond hyped for both of these products.
    4. And, as if the hype weren’t enough, we got a FREE preview card from WAR, given to us by Wizards of the Coast! If you want to make sure you get to see the preview card as soon as we can show you, the Subscribe button is waiting 🙂
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